How To Get Free Fast Food: 10 Surprisingly Easy Ways & Restaurants

In the world of fast food, consumers are always looking for ways how to get free fast food. From time to time, it is possible to find coupons in the mail or online that can be used for free cheeseburgers.

Sometimes, you can also trade in your recycling to local restaurants and get a free hamburger or fries. This blog post will list 10 of the most common and easy ways to get free, fast food.

You’ll find that it is possible to avoid paying for this scrumptious food as long as you know where to look and when. Check out these 10 different ways below!

Why Fast Food Is Great

Fast food is the ultimate convenience; the pick-up-or-drive-through experience can be completed in less than two minutes, and it’s even possible to get a full meal for under five dollars. What more could you want?

How To Get Free Fast Food: One-Off Ways To Get Free Fast Food

There are a ton of ways to get fast food without paying for it! Here are ten surprisingly easy ways:

1. Get Free Food at Night Clubs

2. Get Free Food by Signing Up for a Survey

3. Win Free Fast Food in a Contest

4. Trade Your Old Electronics for Fast Food

5. Use Your Credit Card to Get Cash Back from the Restaurant, then Shop with the Money You’ve Got Back

6. Be an Unpaid Product Tester

7. Watch a Movie, Eat Free!

8. Get Free Meals by Referring Friends and Family

9. Get Free Food by Working for a Restaurant

10. Sneak in Food from the Outside, if You’re Game for a Quick Excuse

How To Get Free Fast Food
How To Get Free Fast Food

Getting Free Fast Food On A Regular Basis

You don’t need to wait for a Friday or Sunday coupon if you want to get free, fast food. There are some websites that offer free coupons for fast food restaurants and restaurants in general, but there are also some ways to get free, fast food regularly.

The article was part of a series on getting free things. It’s also found here: 10 Great Ways To Get Free Things

1. Get Free Fast Food At Subway:

Get A FREE 6-Inch Sub Sandwich 

In each Subway restaurant, one counter will be marked “Free 6 inch sub” and is intended for first-time guests only. As long as you order a drink, you can choose any type of sandwich on the menu and get it free.

Of course, if you come back with the same offer in the future, they will know that you are abusing it, and they won’t serve you.

2. Get Free Fast Food At Taco Bell:

Get A FREE Mini Taco With Any Purchase

It is a well-known secret that when you purchase anything at Taco Bell, you can ask for a free “Taco 12 Pack” (their word for it). Just ask the cashier to add it to your order, and you’ll get free chips and spicy ground beef.

3. Get Free Fast Food At Subway:

Get A FREE Soft Drink

You can also get a free soft drink by asking the cashier at Subway to add one to your order! A normal soda will do, but if you ask for a diet drink, they can make that too.

4. Get Free Fast Food At Wendy’s:

Get A FREE Frosty

Wendy’s offers two healthy frozen beverages that are only available with the purchase of a junior cheeseburger.

5. Get Free Fast Food At Wendy’s:

Get 2 FREE Chicken Nuggets With Any Purchase

You’ll also get 2 free chicken nuggets whenever you purchase a junior cheeseburger and fries. You can ask for the nuggets without the cheese too!

6. Get Free Fast Food At Burger King:

Get A FREE Small Fries With Any Purchase

As long as you purchase the “small” size, one small fry will be added to your order free of charge. You can double the offer if you ask for two extra small fries.

7. Get Free Fast Food at Subway:

Get a FREE Sub Sandwich

If you can’t find the “free 6-inch sub” counter, another way is to simply buy anything on their menu and then get it free by asking for it on the “6-inch” deal.

8. Get Free Fast Food at Wendy’s:

Get a FREE Small Drink

Buy any regular-sized drink and ask the cashier to get you a small size too, and you’ll get a free small drink.

9. Get Free Fast Food at Taco Bell:

Get a FREE Soft Drink

You can also get a free soft drink by asking the cashier to add one to your order! A normal soda will do, but if you ask for a diet drink, they can make that too.

10. Get Free Fast Food at Subway:

Get a FREE 6-inch Sub Sandwich

Another way to get a free Subway sub is to simply buy any item from their menu, ask the cashier to add a free 6-inch sub, and they will do it. It can be a sandwich or soup, but it’s just an additional way of getting free food!

What Fast Food Apps Give Free Food?

There are several fast food apps that may help you get free food. Some of these are:

Domino’s Pizza: Rewards program (mobile app only) – Dominos will send you a $5 code to use on your next order. You can also earn credits for free medium 2-topping pizzas when you sign up, place an order, scan your feedback code, or enter your promo code online on the Dominos app.

Dunkin’ Donuts: DD Perks – Earn points with every purchase at Dunkin Donuts. This can get you free drinks, food, and even donut holes!

Chick-Fil-A: Chick-fil-A One – Earn free food (including a free full meal) by buying certain items or going to certain locations. Get exclusive coupons and earn points that can be redeemed for free food.

Subway: Sub Card – Get a free 6-inch sub and a drink with every $5 spent.

What Is The Best Way To Get Free Food?

Here are some ways to get free food:

1. Get Free or Cheap Food at Restaurants:  These resources can help you save money on your dining experience!

2. Free Food and Drink Samples at Festivals: This is one of the easiest ways to get free food! Just go to a festival, and they usually give out samples.

3. Get Free Food at Your College: Most colleges have a dining hall where you can get some free food. This might be your best bet if you’re looking to save some cash!

4. Get Free Food by Just Asking: If you’re not opposed to asking for free food, then check out your local grocery store and ask them for free samples.

The Bottom Line

If you love free stuff, then this is for you! If you’re trying to save money on fast food, this list is for you! If you’re just a student looking for ways to get free food, then look no further. These 20 tips will help you get free, fast food for life.

…And many thanks to you for reading!

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