What Fast Food Makes You Poop: 10 Easy Ways That Can Help You Poop

What you may not know is that what fast food makes you poop? The food items you pick up on the go are very likely to leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

But what about your bowels? Well, new research has shown that certain fast food items can actually make you poop.

From greasy burgers and fries to fatty sweets, these popular American dishes have been found to cause irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms like diarrhea and bloating, especially if eaten daily.

Why Does Fast Food Make Me Poop Immediately?

It could be high fructose corn syrup or deep-fried oils. It could also be the carcinogens in your food and/or drink that cause it. But it is most likely the total number of calories you have consumed in a short time period.

The simple math would say that eating fast food for too long will quickly empty your digestive system and leave you with a stinking gas as an immediate result (a common side effect of overconsumption of junk foods).

What Fast Food Makes You Poop
What Fast Food Makes You Poop

What Fast Food Makes You Poop?

Here are some of the foods I will be talking about:


This is one of my favorite fast foods because it’s easy to eat, tastes really good, and is less expensive than other fast foods. I’m going to start with the health problems caused by eating pizza because they aren’t actually that bad. The big problem with eating a lot of it is actually what happens at the end.

Fast Food Pooping Problems:

1. Gas

This is a problem that everyone has when they eat a lot of pizza. So you might want to consider going outside or farting in your car because this food can get real ugly fast.

Be sure to pay attention to your body, and the best way for you to know how much is too much is to monitor how much gas you are passing.

2. Bloating 

You might notice some “bloating” or “puffiness” after eating a lot of pizza. The main cause of this is the extra fiber in the food you are eating.

The good news is that this problem can be controlled easily by limiting how much pizza you eat or reducing the amount of fiber in your diet.

Good alternatives to pizza include corn or rice, which will give your body exactly what it needs without all the problems.

3. Constipation

Pizza is usually a good food for you to eat because it contains a lot of fiber. This can cause problems if too much of it gets stuck in your large intestine and becomes constipated. That’s why you should make sure to reduce your fiber intake or start taking some supplements to help your body out.

Fried Chicken

Now, this is one very popular fast food item that has caused a lot of problems for people. The main problem with the chicken is what happens when you eat it.

Fast Food Pooping Problems:

1. Bloating

This is caused by the very same reasons that make an old lady out of shape. The simplest way for you to try to control this is by watching what you eat and avoiding foods like processed foods, fast food, and fried chicken within reasonable limits. (You should also eat in moderation.)

2. Gas

This is caused by the “bad” bacteria that can thrive on fast food. Once again, you should monitor how much gas you are passing and avoid too much of this type of food.

The main cause of this problem is actually the high-fat content that can sometimes be present in fried chicken.

3. Diarrhea

The “chicken poop disease” is actually caused by toxoplasmosis, which loves fast food and restaurants like Chipotle. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to avoid as you may think.

These are just some of the problems that some of the more popular fast food items can cause. I’ve saved the worst for last because I know that many people will be upset to see so many problems listed for one item.

The Worst Fast Food Pooping Problems:

Diarrhea From A Pizza Hut Salad Dressing

This is another very popular fast food item that contains an awful lot of fiber and can cause serious problems if eaten in excess. The problem is that many people who eat fast food tend to be health-conscious and often assume that the food they are eating will be healthy.

They don’t realize that all of the things they’re eating are actually processed and full of chemicals that can cause problems in your digestive system.

Diarrhea From A Kosher Sausage

This is another example of a food that has gotten a bad reputation because it’s been prepared in such an unhealthy way. The problem with this food is that it’s very acidic and a lot of people love to eat it because it’s spicy.

This can be a problem because when you eat something that is very acidic, your body tries to neutralize the acid by producing more acid.

That’s why if you feel like something tasted too “bitter,” you can always make sure to take some milk with your meal, but if you still have trouble, then I’d recommend trying another Kosher food instead. 

Diarrhea From A Fried Chicken Sandwich

The problem with this fast food item is that it contains a lot of fat, and when you eat too much of it, your body has a hard time breaking down the fat, which leads to all kinds of problems. The most common one is probably constipation.

Diarrhea From A Milkshake

This is another fast-food item that you should avoid if you want to avoid the risk of getting diarrhea. The main reason for this is that the ice cream and other ingredients are very high in fat, which means you have a higher chance of getting constipated because your body has to work harder.

Diarrhea From A Tortilla

This is one of those “superfoods” that is supposed to be very healthy. Unfortunately, making a tortilla out of healthy food is not possible, especially if it’s deep-fried!

This is another item that you should avoid if you want to avoid the risk of getting diarrhea. (Some people have reported getting diarrhea from eating tortillas.)

Diarrhea From A Pizza

This is another fast food item that is prone to causing problems. You should try to avoid this food because too much pizza can mess up your digestive system, and you may get diarrhea from it. 

Diarrhea From A Burger

There are only two problems with burgers: red meat and grease. Grease is the main problem because it’s very unhealthy and can cause problems.

What makes this even worse is that so many people love to eat burgers, and they tend to eat them all the time without thinking of how bad some of these foods can be.

Diarrhea From A Soup

This is another fast-food item that you should avoid if you want to avoid the risk of getting diarrhea. The problem with soup is that it’s too high in fiber, and fiber can cause problems in your digestive system.

What Should You Avoid Eating?

A. Take These Items Off The Menu:

1. French fries (your digestive system will turn on the spigot and dump a puddle of diarrhea wherever you’re standing)

2. Chicken nuggets (you may or may not suffer from an allergic reaction to the oils used in the frying – meaning gas and diarrhea)

3. Chicken products with breading (nuggets, chicken sandwiches, etc.) (this is very common for most people suffering from autoimmune disorders)

4. Anything with breading You can eat French fries. You can eat a slice of whole-wheat bread on the side. I recommend you do both.

B . If You Are A Child, Avoid These French Fries:

1. Chicken fingers (again, it could be the deep-fried oils)

2. French fries (again, your digestive system will let loose for sure, especially if it has been sitting in an oil bath for too long.)

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Poop

Taking small steps such as these will help you make your life easier and much more enjoyable:

1. Get more fiber in your diet. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, such as berries, beans, broccoli, and spinach.

2. Avoid eating too much fast food that is high in fat. It’s much better to buy a pasta salad or a nice baked potato instead of having fast food every single day (unless you have at least one day where you actually plan on eating fast food).

3. Try to take your time when you’re eating so that you don’t need to rush through your meal.

4. Avoid eating gas-producing foods such as beans and cabbage.

5. Avoid drinking too much soda or carbonated drinks because they may make you feel bloated, and it’s harder for your body to digest the fast food that you’ve just eaten. 

6. Avoid drinking alcohol while eating fast food because it can also cause problems in your digestive system and may lead to diarrhea. 

7. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

8. If you have IBS, try to avoid eating fat too much. Eat foods that are very high in protein and only eat things that are very low in fat.

9. Try to sit down at your mealtime if you have the choice between sitting down or standing up because sitting is better for digestion even though standing is easier for some people (especially if they have kind of crappy chairs like me). 

10. Try to avoid having a lot of stress in your day. Stress makes IBS symptoms worse, so try to find ways to relieve some of your stress.

The Bottom Line

I know all of this is a lot to take in, but it can help you out a lot if you start to notice that what you’re eating is causing problems when you go to the bathroom!

Remember, not all fast food contains a bunch of fat. It’s just that many people do not know this and are thus led to believe that it does. You can reduce your risk of getting diarrhea from fast food by limiting the amount you eat and eating foods high in fiber.

If you are having problems with IBS, it might help you out if you try to avoid eating too much fat as well.

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