What To Add To Mashed Potatoes For Flavor: 5 Tasty Toppings

Mashed potatoes are a classic and beloved side dish, but sometimes they can get boring. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your mashed potatoes, you’re in luck!

There are a variety of ingredients you can mix in or serve alongside your mashed potatoes to give them a tasty boost.

This blog post will explore options for adding flavor to your mashed potatoes, from herbs and spices to cheeses and other mix-ins.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to jazz up your mashed potatoes or a more creative twist, you’ll find something to inspire you in this post.

What To Add To Mashed Potatoes For Flavor?

You can add many ingredients to mashed potatoes to give them some extra flavor. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Herbs

Fresh herbs like chives, parsley, and basil can add flavor to mashed potatoes. You can also try using dried herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

2. Spices

Mashed potatoes can benefit from a little bit of spice. Add a pinch of cumin, paprika, or chili flakes for a little heat.

3. Cheese

Grated cheese, such as cheddar, parmesan, or gouda, can add a creamy and savory flavor to mashed potatoes. For a tangy twist, you can also try using cream cheese or goat cheese.

4. Mix-Ins

You can mix many other ingredients into mashed potatoes to give them some extra flavor. Add cooked and crumbled bacon, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, or even lobster or crab meat for a special occasion.

5. Gravy

Serve your mashed potatoes with a flavorful gravy on top for an extra layer of flavor. You can use store-bought gravy or make your own using pan drippings and a roux.

Remember to taste as you go and adjust the seasoning to your liking. With a little bit of experimentation, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination of flavors for your mashed potatoes.

What To Add To Mashed Potatoes For Flavor
What To Add To Mashed Potatoes For Flavor

What Makes Mashed Potatoes Better?

Several factors can contribute to making mashed potatoes better. Here are a few tips to help you create the best-mashed potatoes:

Use The Right Type Of Potato

Different types of potatoes have different starch content, which can affect the texture of your mashed potatoes. For the best results, use starchy potatoes like Russets or Idaho potatoes, which will yield creamy, smooth mashed potatoes.

Cook The Potatoes Properly

Make sure to cook the potatoes until they are tender all the way through. You can test for doneness by piercing the potatoes with a fork. If the fork goes in easily, the potatoes are ready.

Use A Potato Masher Or Ricer

These tools will help you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency for your mashed potatoes. Avoid using a blender or food processor, as these can glue the potatoes.

Add Enough Liquid

You’ll need to add some liquid, such as milk or cream, to your mashed potatoes to make them smooth and creamy. Start with a small amount and add more as needed until you achieve the desired consistency.

Season To Taste

Don’t be afraid to add salt, pepper, and other herbs and spices to your mashed potatoes to give them flavor. Taste as you go and adjust the seasoning to your liking.

By following these tips, you can create delicious, creamy mashed potatoes that will be the perfect side dish for any meal.


You can add many ingredients to mashed potatoes to give them some extra flavor. From herbs and spices to cheese and mix-ins, there are endless possibilities for adding some excitement to your mashed potatoes

 Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations to find what works best. And remember, the key to great mashed potatoes is to use the right type of potato, cook them properly, use a potato masher or ricer, add enough liquid, and season to taste.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the best-mashed potatoes you’ve ever had.

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