How To Tell If Raw Chicken Is Bad: 5 Simple Ways To Check

Health and nutrition are important aspects of life. Knowing what is good for us and what we should avoid is challenging. There are so many questions about how it all works.

One question that comes up a lot is whether or not raw chicken can be eaten if it’s been sitting in the fridge for two days.

This article will answer this question and provide insights on identifying when the chicken starts going bad.

How To Tell If Raw Chicken Is Bad?

1. It Has A Slimy Or Sticky Texture

One indication that you should toss the chicken (or avoid it in the first place) is if it has a slimy or sticky texture.

Actually, don’t eat anything with this texture because this means the chicken has spoiled. Chicken goes bad like any other food if left out in the open for too long.

2. It Has A Strong, Unpleasant Odor

Raw chicken also starts to stink a lot as soon as it begins to go bad! If you smell an unusual odor when opening up your fridge, chances are good that your raw chicken has gone bad, and you should get rid of it immediately!

3. It Has Changed Color, Usually To A Shade Of Grey

Raw chicken should be white or light pink in color. If it is not, then you should probably get rid of it. Chicken that has gone bad will take on a grayish hue.

This color change is an indication that the chicken is spoiled. However, it is still important to use your senses when figuring out whether your raw chicken has gone bad.

You still might want to taste it as well as smell it because an odd odor and dark discoloration are not always indicators that the meat has gone bad.

4. The Sell-By Date Has Passed

The sell-by date indicates when the raw chicken was packaged, and the sell-by date is not a guaranteed way to know when raw chicken is safe to eat.

It indicates that the factory where you bought your meat thought it was good enough to be sold (at a low price) without any more food safety testing than would normally be required.

Here’s How To Tell If Chicken Has Gone Bad

What Does Bad Chicken Smell Like?

Toss a piece of raw chicken in the fridge for several days, and you will know how it smells as soon as you open your refrigerator door.

It will smell bad because raw chicken that is past its prime will often become slimy and sticky, which causes it to release an unpleasant odor.

What Happens If You Cook Bad Chicken?

If you cook bad chicken, you are really not doing yourself any favors. The bacteria from spoiled chicken can make us sick when we eat it, even if we cook it thoroughly.

Also, the texture and taste of the chicken will be absolutely horrible, so you probably won’t want to eat any more of your dinner if this happens.

How To Tell If Raw Chicken Is Bad
How To Tell If Raw Chicken Is Bad

What Happens If You Eat Bad Chicken?

If you eat bad raw chicken that is past its prime and has spoiled, your chances are good that you will become ill.

The worst-case scenario is that you will have a case of food poisoning, which is pretty serious. Millions of people get food poisoning every year in the United States alone, and hundreds die from it. Follow the steps below to find out what else can happen if you eat spoiled raw chicken.


Although the benefits of eating raw chicken can be quite numerous, such as it can make a great addition to a healthy diet and is an excellent source of lean protein to promote muscle maintenance and growth.

Or that it is convenient for getting protein on the go, which is crucial after a workout for muscle recovery; you need to make sure that you pay attention and follow the tips above.

The expiration date on packaged raw chicken indicates only when the food was packaged and not necessarily when it goes bad. So follow these steps to be absolutely sure that your chicken is good before you eat it.

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