Best 20 Aldi Chinese Food Items

Aldi Chinese Food with a View is a blog about the experience of eating at Aldi Chinese food stores. Discussing the affordable prices, delicious food, and overall customer satisfaction.

This blog is for anyone who has ever had Aldi (or not) and likes to eat at restaurants that are commonly known for their low price.

Whether you are a student, single, expectant mother, or just down on your luck, following this blog will allow you to understand just how good the food and service can be at Aldi.

Best 20 Aldi Chinese Food Items

1. Scallion Pancake

If you love eating scallion pancakes, Aldi is the place to be! Coming in at only $0.99, these scrumptious delights are simply a must-have.

These delicious pancakes are often known to be one of the best-tasting foods in China, and Aldi has them at an affordable price.

You can easily get 3 or 4 of these; they are often sold out by 2 or 3 pm. An Aldi employee said that many people like to freeze them and keep them for whenever they feel like having them (They were also recommended as cooking potato chips). Just pop it in the microwave for about 1 minute, and you’re set!

Aldi Chinese Food
Aldi Chinese Food

2. Pot Stickers

Aldi Pot Stickers are the best. They come in a pack of 5 and 3 for $2. The Chinese version of these is made with a beancurd dough, but Aldi uses egg and flour dough for their pot stickers. They are soft, chewy, and taste great!

There’s a huge variation in the taste; sometimes, people will complain that they taste too salty or “fishy.” If this happens, add more soy sauce or some salt on the side.

3. Stewed Carrots

Although this isn’t traditionally a Chinese dish, Aldi’s version is one of the best. The carrots are cooked until soft and don’t taste too sweet or salty, nor do they leave that “fishy” aftertaste when you eat them. What really makes this dish special is the sauce!

It’s made using hoisin sauce, chili, and garlic paste (Aldi doesn’t use MSG in their food). This sauce is sweet and flavourful but not overly so. This is an excellent summertime dish when you want something light and refreshing.

4. Beef Rice Noodles

This is one of the “lighter” dishes you can get at Aldi. The beef rice noodles are essentially beef slices and ho fun, a form of rice noodle. It’s pretty standard but very cheap ($0.99), and it’s pretty filling. If you want to eat something light and small for lunch, this is the dish for you!

5. Salt And Pepper Tofu

Although tofu isn’t typically Chinese, Aldi also has a pretty good version of this dish! It’s made from soybean curd, which has been processed with water and sometimes corn starch to make it “meaty.” The outside of the tofu is crispy, and the inside is soft and flavored with salt, pepper, and sesame oil.

This dish is great to have as a snack or for any meal, and it’s cheap too! You can get 1 for $0.99 or buy them in bulk for only $5.99.

6. Fried Rice

Another simple, filling dish. Fried rice is made by adding eggs and cooking the rice in oil. The end result is fried rice which is flavorful, tasty, and, more importantly, cheap! Aldi’s fried rice costs only $0.99, making it a very good deal for a healthy, light lunch.

The best thing about their fried rice is that it isn’t sticky at all (the best kind of fried rice), and the flavor isn’t too “fishy.” The only problem some people might have with this dish is that some of the grains will be uncooked, but if you are looking for a delicious, cheap, quick dish, look no further than Aldi’s Fried Rice!

7. Fried Tofu With Shrimp Paste Sauce

Fried tofu is a very common dish in China, and almost all cities have some version of it. Although there are many versions of it, this one is the best. The tofu is fried until golden and doesn’t taste too greasy. Aldi sells a good version which is pretty standard, but that’s what makes it so good!

The shrimp paste sauce is sweet, salty, and delicious. It’s also very filling, so make sure you have some extra stomach space when you eat this dish!

8. KaDeWe Mandarin Pancakes

KaDeWe always has great food, and their Mandarin Pancakes are no exception! These pancakes are filled with pork filling cooked in a carton of egg white. They’re served with a bowl of gravy to dip them into (the pancakes are really soft on the inside).

A lot of people don’t realize when they buy them that there’s a lot of filling but if you want to enjoy a great meal for cheap, then try these pancakes from KaDeWe!

9. Sesame Cucumber Salad

Aldi’s Sesame Cucumber Salad is light and refreshing, especially for summer. The cucumber is very sweet and refreshing, just like the sesame dressing, which gives it some extra flavor.

This dish is available all year round but is generally only available in the summer. It’s a good dish to have at lunch or dinner when you are looking for something healthy and light to eat.

10. Green Pepper And Tofu Hot Pot

Aldi’s Green Pepper and Tofu Hot Pot is a sweet, savory, and delicious dish that is also very healthy. This hot pot includes green peppers, tofu, ground pork, vermicelli noodles, and other vegetables.

The best part about this dish is the sauce which is made with soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, and other spices such as cinnamon powder.

Although this dish is delicious all year round, it’s generally only available during cold weather months because it’s served hot. It’s a great deal too! You can get 2 for $3 (instead of one for $2).

11. Sichuan Spareribs

Aldi’s Sichuan Spareribs are truly a delicacy. The bones of these little animals (3) are slightly charred and filled with tender meat. They’re coated in sesame oil which gives them some extra flavor, but it doesn’t overpower the taste of the ribs.

This dish is best eaten with some rice or noodles as a side dish, and it’s also relatively cheap at $2.99 each! You can get them in bulk for only $10.98, which is a good deal if you want to stock up on some vegetables!

12. Kang Kung Tofu

Kang Kung tofu or water spinach tofu is a Chinese vegetable made from dried water spinach and tofu. It’s usually stir-fried in the wok, but we think Aldi’s version of this dish is the best! Instead of using oil, Aldi’s Kang Kung tofu is mixed with sesame oil, giving it an extra flavor.

The vegetables are soft while they still have some crunch, which means they have been cooked at just the right time. The dish also includes some Chinese mushrooms, which further add to the flavor! We highly recommend this very healthy, light, cheap dish!

13. Tom Yum Noodles

Aldi’s tom yum noodles are something you must try if you haven’t already. It’s made from spaghetti noodles cooked in a sweet and sour broth that also contains carrots, onions, garlic, and a few other spices.

The broth is sweet but isn’t overly sweet, so it still tastes like a good tom yum soup, unlike some other brands. The one important thing about this dish is that you’ll want to eat it as soon as possible because it won’t taste as good after sitting overnight.

14. Salted & Pepper Tofu Sticks

Salted and pepper tofu sticks are a great snack you can take with you when you go to school or work. They’re filled with delicious flavor and very filling! They’re made from tofu (a soybean product that resembles the taste of meat) which is then deep fried until crispy. The chips are then coated with seasoning, giving them their unique flavor.

These are delicious for both kids and adults! The only problem is that they might be a little salty for some people, so we recommend eating them with some rice/noodles to balance out the taste in your body.

15. Chicken Fillet Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are a yummy snack you might have as kids, but they’re also great for adults! Aldi’s chicken nuggets taste great, especially if you dip them into their sweet and sour sauce.

These nuggets are made from real chicken instead of the usual dredging in flour and breadcrumb mixture found in other places. These chicken nuggets are available in both original (white meat) and barbeque (dark meat).

16. Nissin Chow Mein

Nissin Chow Mein is a type of noodle with Chinese origins. It’s made from rice noodles and flour, like regular noodles, but it’s also stir-fried with vegetables and meat.

The best part is that the Nissin Chow Mein contains less fat than most other chow mein, so it’s very healthy! However, this dish is best when eaten in moderation, so make sure you have some extra stomach space!

17. A La Carte Tofu

A La Carte Tofu is a great alternative to traditional soy sauce and salt because it contains no added flavorings (5). The main ingredient for this tofu is tofu which has been “baked” until it can be easily cut into smaller pieces. The tofu is then mixed with soy sauce and spices (mainly salt).

The result is a dish with a little flavor but still retains a lot of its natural flavor, so you can add some in if it’s missing.

18. Seaweed And Tofu Pudding

Aldi’s seaweed and tofu pudding are made from seaweed, dried fish, tofu, potatoes, and other ingredients. Once the dish is cooked, it tastes more like a potato than seaweed, but it’s filled with a lot of great nutrients and vitamins.

It was also extremely cheap at only $2.49! You can use this dish as a side or make a stew by adding some water, soy sauce, and sesame oil.

19. BBQ Chicken Wings

If you love chicken wings, you’ll definitely love Aldi’s BBQ chicken wings! They’re made from real chicken (not the usual “flour dredging” found in other places), and they don’t taste very salty as some other brands do.

The best part is that it’s only $1.49 for a pack of 4 wings, and you can get two packs for only $2.98, which means you can buy 10 wings for only $3 (instead of 5 wings from other brands)!

If you want to add some flavor to your chicken, just dip it in soy sauce or another seasoning of your choice!

20. Zhejiang Rice Noodles

Zhejiang rice noodles are made from flour, eggs, water, and other ingredients that give the noodles a soft texture. It’s also very affordable at only $1.99!

This dish is best served cold or hot, but we recommend eating it as soon as possible because the taste changes after a while due to the addition of bacteria.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Aldi’s products are definitely an alternative to regular grocery stores. You can find some tasty, cheap, and healthy items that you might have never tried before, and we recommend you do so!

Aldi is a great place to go shopping if you’re on a budget, have allergies, and/or want cheap products that don’t compromise on taste or quality. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself!

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